Monday, December 28, 2009

C's Birthday Day...

I had been preping C that he was about to have a birthday and he would be turning TWO!

So the morning Cutter turned two, he once again snuck into our room when the sun came up and as soon as I saw him I started singing Happy Birthday!  The look on his face was priceless, it was so cute.  He got an enormous smile on his face and just grinned from ear to ear! 

Once we got up and moving, we made C's special breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls!  We sang him Happy Birthday, again - we celebrate all day long in our house!  Cutter was in a great mood most of the day, but just because it was his birthday didn't mean he could skip a nap. 

So we laid him down and prepared for our little get together of neighbors that I had coming over.  I still needed to put icing on his cake and set the table up.  I wanted to celebrate on his actual birthday, even though we aren't having his actual party til January 9!

We planned for everyone to arrive at 3 and Cutter was still sawing logs when 3 o'clock came rolling around, so I had to wake him (which in the past has NOT worked in my favor) and to my surprise he woke up in a GREAT mood!  He was pleasantly surprised by all the people in his house when he walked out...

And even more surprised when he realized we were singing Happy Birthday to him AGAIN!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cutter!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cutter!

I love you with all my heart!  Love, Momma

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Story...

Santa was very smart!  He covered up Cutter and Gracie's gifts with a blanket because he just knew Cutter would get out of bed without a peep!  He sneaks into our room and climbs in bed with us most mornings, and Christmas morning was no different!

You can't really tell from the pictures but he was soooo excited to see his Handy Manny Work Bench.  While we fed Gracie her morning bottle, we let him play with it and he had it figured out in no time! 

Cutter and Gracie were super excited to open the gifts that we had bought them.  In our house Santa brings one big gift and the rest come from Mom and Dad!  We had a hard time pulling C away from his work bench to open the rest of the gifts. 

Then it was Gracie's turn!  She did really well and even ripped a package or two open.  I really didn't want to buy baby toys, but I found myself replacing some of the toys that C had played with that were hand-me-downs and missing pieces.  So I replaced them with PINK toys! 

Most of C's toys and Gracie's gift from Santa!
After opening presents C was anxious to see what Santa had left in his stocking.  There is nothing better than 2 new Handy Manny cups, a note pad, crayons, and a helicopter with candy to make a little boy happy!
For Gracie, Santa left a new security blanket Teddy Bear, socks, and Pez candy (that I'm sure Cutter will get to before Gracie).

After opening presents and playing with them for awhile, we got ready and headed over to Granma and Papaw Nixes house.  Waiting for us when we got there were lots of family!  I am so glad that McKenna got to spend Christmas with us this year!  She is so good with Cutter and Gracie.  Tyler just loves to play trucks with Cutter and Cutter just loves "Treeeeevor"!

L to R - Tyler, Cutter, Trevor, and McKenna Reese

Our Christmas Story...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting for Santa...

On Christmas Eve, we kept telling Cutter that it was going to SNOW!  He was so excited (even though he didn't really know what snow was).  He kept saying "snow, snow?", and we would say "it's comin, just wait".  The poor little guy waited all-day-long! When we were leaving for G's uncles house, it finally started to snow.  Once we got home there was a good amount on the ground, we put C in the grass so he could step on it and he did not like it one little bit!!  He hurried back to us and was stomping his feet to get it off...

Since Santa had eaten all his cookies, we rushed inside to bake some fresh (Santa only like fresh cookies-talk about picky).  Cutter was anxious to get the cookies on the cookie sheet and while they cooked, he took a bath!

After bath, Cutter and Momma sat down and wrote his letter to Santa.  C wanted to add an extra touch to his letter and drew a special picture for him.  I'm sure Santa will keep it forever and will be able to show it to C's kids one day. 

We kept telling C that he needed to head to bed so that Santa could come.  I'm not sure he really understood, but he was so tuckered out from playing at Uncle Gary's house that he pretty much passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow!

As soon as Cutter and Gracie went to bed, Santa arrived!  We couldn't wait to see what Santa had left them...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Preparations!

We started our Christmas preparations last week and first on our list was making cookies for Santa!  I told Cutter when I laid him down for a nap that Momma had a surprise for him when he woke up and he was fast asleep! 

While C slept, I baked cookies and hoped they would be cool enough for him to frost.  On a side note:  I'm no baker, anyone that knows me well knows that, however I can make cookies, so I thought!  No one ever told me that you have to roll the dough out super thin otherwise your cookies come out unrecognizable super puffy!

We made do, and I ended up using the cookie cutters and cutting the hot cookie out of the puffy cookie!  Cutter didn't care, he just wanted to get to work!  And work he did! 

He took a few breaks and enjoyed the cookies he was decorating!  See below:

He loved getting dirty and wanted "me help" (his term for momma letting him help).  Good thing Sissy slept through the whole thing, I don't think my fingers were clean for a good hour! 

Cutter took lots of little breaks to "taste" the icing!  He was definetly on a sugar high after this project!

Can't wait to see if Santa likes his cookies!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Nixes 1st Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party

We held our 1st Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party!  We invited Cutter's friends - Owen, Teaghan, and Wyatt.  They had an absolute blast!  We also got a nice welcoming visit from Owen's Grandma, Chippie,  she is her visiting from England and wanted to join us!  I was more than happy for her to come.  Now I can say that I've had a Brit in my house!  ha!

The lil ones lasted about 30 minutes on the decorating.  I was worried that they would be more interested in eating the candy than using it to decorate, but to my surprise very little was actually eaten!  We had such a good time with our friends, I'm planning on making this an annual tradition for C (and eventually Gracie) and his friends!  Plus, I got some adult interaction during the day, which is always nice.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today when Gracie was taking an extremly long nap, Cutter and I ventured into new territory! I let him pull the Play-Doh out. He has been dying to play with it, before today he didn't even know what it was, other than it being in the play bin. I had been weary about getting it out, but I let my guard down and he did pretty darn good with it. So good that I might get him a few cans for Christmas (we haven't finished yet! I know, I know!). He enjoyed play with the Play-Doh and I enjoyed taking the pictures of watching his little fingers squish it!

I can't wait for more fun days like this!  He had such a good time and it took a good 45 minutes out of our wait for Daddy to get home! 

One more thing - MY DAD IS HOME FROM IRAQ!  Thank you to everyone who prayed for his safe return!  I am so so so so glad that he is back and ready for him to be involved with Cutter and Gracie.  Welcome Home Papa! 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Card Rejects!

Christmas is coming FAST!! And I am working hard on getting a good picture for our Christmas cards...

But when you have 2 under 2 that can be a nearly impossible task...

In most of them one is smiling and one is frowning...

But with Greg's help I was able to get ONE good picture of them together...

Stay tuned to your mail box to see the "ONE" that made the Christmas card!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stripingly CUTE!

Gracie - Thanksgiving '09

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree Topper...

My number one tree topper made his appearance back at the top of the tree yesterday!  His first attempt wasn't successful, so we tried again and he was so happy with himself!!  Way to go, Cutter!

What a difference a YEAR makes!!
We put the tree up while Cutter was laying down for a nap!  Knowing he would be excited when he woke up about the tree, I left a few ornaments for him to put up.  Just as I expected, all the ornaments went right to the middle of the tree.  I've left them there because I want him to be part of the festivities! 

I can't wait for him to see Santa, we have been talking about it and he seems interested, but I'm not holding my breath for a complete success.  Our tree skirt has a Santa on it, and he has been asking "Santa?" and I'll say "yes that's Santa, are you going to tell Santa what kind of toys you want?" and he's goes over to the Santa and says "toys!".  It's absolutly adorable!  I'm so excited to experience this through the eyes of a toddler!! 

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today I am thankful for many things, but the most important are these two babes:

Cutter holding Gracie for the 1st time
I am thankful for Cutter loving Gracie so much...

"I hold" and give lotsa kisses
I am thankful that Cutter has embraced his baby sister...

"I don't care that she is screaming her head off, I'll still smile"
I am thankful that Gracie's eyes brighten up the room when she sees her big brother...

"Peas Momma, I give huk (hug)"
I am thankful for siblings...

"ALL DONE"  holding her that is...
I am thankful for the love I see between them...

"I do it"
I am thankful that they will always be there for each other...

"me lay down momma"
I am thankful for them...

I am thankful for sisterly love...

Amanda, Kristie and Katie
I am thankful for my Mom and Grandma...

Oma and GG
I am thankful for this man...

Daddy and Cutter
and I am thankful that my dad will be coming home from Iraq on December 15!!

WOO HOO, it has been a GREAT year and I have alot to be thankful for, but I can only thank God for my many blessings!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Recently Cutter has started rolling, head over feet, of course...

and he's really good at it...

but we are working on the dismount!!

The smallest babe in the house has been smiling and laughing up a storm!  Here's an example:

Her giggle is contagious - once she starts then Cutter starts and it just get funnier from there!  I could not be happier than when I am home with them.  They are the light that brightens my days and my nights.  I love them both with all my heart!! 

Monday, November 23, 2009

What do you think?

Does this hat make my face look fat??

Cutter is such a ham!  He loves to put this, once an Easter basket, on as a hat!  I'm almost postive once Easter rolls around next year that this basket will not make it.  It get used and abused by the roughest boy in the house.  He likes to carry it around with various object in it and once he gets tired of doing that he puts it on his head!  He's even tried to use it as a step stool, hence why it won't make it to Easter 2010! 

And he has even wore it as a helmet!  I've reassured Greg that won't wear it out of the house anytime soon!