Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend!

We spent most of the weekend in my hometown and had an absolute blast! Uncle James is home for his 2 week R&R and the lil sis had a BBQ for him. In the morning the boys played golf and most the girls got their manis and pedis done. Cutter and I went to visit some family that he had yet to meet.

Great Uncle Leslie had been out of town doing some work in another country, because of that this was our first opportunity for him to meet Cutter.
Great Uncle Leslie and Cutter

Great Grandma Homan and Cutter - we think Cutter has gotten those pretty blue eyes from this side of the family.

Papa Homan and Cutter - sharing some special time outside!

At the BBQ we spent a lot of time outside, the weather was beautiful and the kiddos were in a great mood. Cutter loved playing the green grass and feeling the blades between his toes. He only tryed to eat the grass two or three times, if he had been a little older I probably would have let him, but I figured I better teach him that we don't eat grass - yet!

Emilee just got this swing set for her birthday and because the weather has been so miserably hot this was her first time to be able to enjoy it. Everyone, including the adults, had a great time going back a few years and going for a swing!
Emilee enjoying her swing!
Aunt Amanda and Aunt Katie taking a jump back in life and enjoying the swings.

Abbey was no different, she loved the swings as well.

With the weather cooperating, I had the opportunity to have a nice photoshoot with Cutter!

And some random shots of the family:

We had a great weekend! Cutter is such a good baby, with all the running around we did this weekend, you would have never known that he was cutting his BOTTOM right tooth! Thats right, Cutter now has a bottom tooth to go along with those two top teeth. Before we know it the tooth fairy may be visiting my house! Oh please help me slow the time down!! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

8 month update!

I know it is late, but better late than never right??

Dear Mommy's Little Monkey,

You are growing faster than I could have ever imagined. You are still the sweetest little boy I know! We have had so many accomplishments this month - to include but not limited to - getting your two TOP teeth, crawling, pulling up on objects that aren't stuck to the ground, and really becoming aware of your surroundings.

On Monday, August 25 - while we were waiting for Uncle James to get home - GG stuck her finger into your mouth, and low and behold what did she find? A TOOTH! The top left toothy had just popped through and Mommy had no clue! Our only sign that you were even teething was that the drool would never stop, there haven't been any melt downs, you haven't been irratible, or showing any other signs. And I just knew that the bottom teeth were going to come in first, but nope, you like to be different - getting those top teeth first. **Still trying to get a picture of them, he won't let me get close to him with the camera right now**

Last Friday, you also started crawling. I was so excited to see you go I was rooting for you and you were so happy about your accomplishment. Now if only you could figure out to follow me when I walk into another room, once you figure that out there will be no stopping you. Once you figured out that you could move from one part of the room to the other, the glow on your face was such that I won't ever forget it. You are such a sweet boy!

Another feat that you have seemed to master this month (actually the last few days, but it still counts) is pulling up on things around the house. Things like the couch, the ottoman, and the magazine rack. We learned real quick that the magazine rack does not support 23 lbs trying to pull on it.

You hair is growing quickly!! My plan was to wait until you turned a year old to get your first haircut, but I don't know if I am going to be able to wait that long. I like a clean cut boy, and the hair over the ears thing is killing me, but I don't want to lose my baby any faster than I already am, so I guess I will wait as long as I can!

You are my sweet baby boy. If I could put a brick on your head and just take it all in for a day or two I would. I can't believe how fast things are progressing and that you are becoming so independent. People always say "they will be graduating high school before you know it," and I can totally see how fast that time is going to come and go.

Until next month, keep growing, getting sweeter, and maybe by next month you will be walking!

Love you from here to eternity!

Mommy :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Home Uncle James!

Phew, what a weekend!

Greg, Cutter and I had plans to just hang out at the house and do nothing, but when Aunt Katie (my lil sis) called and asked if her, GG (my Mom) and Emilee could come up on Friday, I said jumped and said "yes!". Katie wanted to come up and surprise Uncle James at the DFW airport and pick him up there for his 2 week R & R, instead of having him catch his connecting flight. Boy did we have a whirl wind of a weekend. At first Uncle James was coming in Saturday at 8 AM, then it was Sunday at 6 AM, finally it was Monday at 1:30 PM. The airplane seemed to have maintenance issues in Germany and he was stuck there for 30 hours!! While we waited patiently for Uncle James we went to have some fun.

Cutter and Emilee had so much fun together. She is such a great big cousin! If she was around 24/7 I don't think Cutter would ever crawl/walk, because she brings all the toys to him. They had a great time together!

On Sunday after we heard that Uncle James still wasn't coming home, we knew we needed to get out of the house. Since Emilee had been so good, we decided to take a drive to Firewheel Mall and we found the best girly place out there - Club Libby Lu. If it is pink, High School Musical, Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers then you can find it at Club Libby Lu.

For a modest fee little girls can get their hair done, finger nails painted, and get to choose from a number of accessories. Emilee chose a microphone headset. She looked super cute and walked around like she owned the world. She is a little shopping D-I-V-A!!

Finally the day has arrived - Daddy had to go to work, so Mommy, Aunt Katie, Emilee and GG made there way to DFW to pick Uncle James up. We thought that he was coming in at 1:30, but after waiting at the airport for a couple of hours we found out that his flight would be 3 hours late, arriving instead at 4:30 PM. We left the airport, went and got something to eat and returned a few hours later.

We waited patiently for Uncle James to arrive:

FINALLY, the time has arrived - Uncle James is home!!!

Welcome Home Uncle James! We hope you enjoy your time home! See you this weekend!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What was I thinking?

Who knows, but he looks pretty cute though! It is not his fault I put him in the burnt orange jumpsuit!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A New Ride!

Mommy and Cutter have been spending lots of time together lately. For the past 2 weeks Cutter has had a little bit of separation anxiety. When I return home from a trip, he won't let me put him down to even change my clothes and when I go to walk out of the room, you would have thought I had taken his favorite toy away from him. So when Daddy volunteered to take the little man out for a walk this afternoon I took full advantage of my time - to take some pictures!! It wouldn't be right to let him take a ride in his very first car without pictures, right?

Apparently, Daddy had tried to take him once before and couldn't figure out how to make the strap shorter and didn't want him to fall out, so when I suggested taking his new car this time Daddy was more than happy to - once I fixed the strap. No accidents on his watch, so he says!!

I would be lying if I said he liked it, he absolutely LOVED it! I could hear the laughter and squeals as they were coming around the corner.

Cutter is perfecting his old man face, and he looks cuter and cuter every time he does it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My OshKosh Kid!

So before Greg's Mom and Dad moved out of the house below I took my boys out there for a photoshoot. These are the shots I got:

**Disclaimer:I love his smile, not the finger :)**

But this is my all-time favorite: