Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree Topper...

My number one tree topper made his appearance back at the top of the tree yesterday!  His first attempt wasn't successful, so we tried again and he was so happy with himself!!  Way to go, Cutter!

What a difference a YEAR makes!!
We put the tree up while Cutter was laying down for a nap!  Knowing he would be excited when he woke up about the tree, I left a few ornaments for him to put up.  Just as I expected, all the ornaments went right to the middle of the tree.  I've left them there because I want him to be part of the festivities! 

I can't wait for him to see Santa, we have been talking about it and he seems interested, but I'm not holding my breath for a complete success.  Our tree skirt has a Santa on it, and he has been asking "Santa?" and I'll say "yes that's Santa, are you going to tell Santa what kind of toys you want?" and he's goes over to the Santa and says "toys!".  It's absolutly adorable!  I'm so excited to experience this through the eyes of a toddler!! 

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