Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painting Party!

We were invited to go to a painting play date today! The weather was perfect, the set-up was perfect and my little artist was ready to go!
I tell ya - Cutter might have a future in painting! He was so excited to get that brush dirty and put it to paper!
One little issue we may have - he didn't care for the paint to be on his hands AT ALL!! Not even a little bit. He did a wonderful job, but it was short lived and he headed for a different interest...

The cozy coupe!!!! Every chance Cutter gets to play in one, he does! He loves this car, I think I may need to invest in one!! :)

After a few more trips to the painting board, Cutter's final masterpiece was just that "A Masterpiece"!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


WOW!! 2 weeks to be exact and I am TRULY sorry, although I haven't heard anyone complaining!! ha ha

I forgot my camera in my home town so all the new pictures that I have on the camera are currently in route to my house via UPS!

I had a GREAT Mother's Day! We (Cutter and I) spent the first part of the day driving home from Cove, but the afternoon was spent with the two most important people in my life, Greg and Cutter (if you were wondering)!! Waiting for me when I got home was a card from Cutter and Greg and a special James Avery charm for my braclet. I can't wait to get it put on!! Sonic for lunch and an AMAZING steak for dinner topped off our night!

Once I get my camera back I will be back on my regular scheduled updates!! :)