Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Preparations!

We started our Christmas preparations last week and first on our list was making cookies for Santa!  I told Cutter when I laid him down for a nap that Momma had a surprise for him when he woke up and he was fast asleep! 

While C slept, I baked cookies and hoped they would be cool enough for him to frost.  On a side note:  I'm no baker, anyone that knows me well knows that, however I can make cookies, so I thought!  No one ever told me that you have to roll the dough out super thin otherwise your cookies come out unrecognizable super puffy!

We made do, and I ended up using the cookie cutters and cutting the hot cookie out of the puffy cookie!  Cutter didn't care, he just wanted to get to work!  And work he did! 

He took a few breaks and enjoyed the cookies he was decorating!  See below:

He loved getting dirty and wanted "me help" (his term for momma letting him help).  Good thing Sissy slept through the whole thing, I don't think my fingers were clean for a good hour! 

Cutter took lots of little breaks to "taste" the icing!  He was definetly on a sugar high after this project!

Can't wait to see if Santa likes his cookies!!

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