Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Story...

Santa was very smart!  He covered up Cutter and Gracie's gifts with a blanket because he just knew Cutter would get out of bed without a peep!  He sneaks into our room and climbs in bed with us most mornings, and Christmas morning was no different!

You can't really tell from the pictures but he was soooo excited to see his Handy Manny Work Bench.  While we fed Gracie her morning bottle, we let him play with it and he had it figured out in no time! 

Cutter and Gracie were super excited to open the gifts that we had bought them.  In our house Santa brings one big gift and the rest come from Mom and Dad!  We had a hard time pulling C away from his work bench to open the rest of the gifts. 

Then it was Gracie's turn!  She did really well and even ripped a package or two open.  I really didn't want to buy baby toys, but I found myself replacing some of the toys that C had played with that were hand-me-downs and missing pieces.  So I replaced them with PINK toys! 

Most of C's toys and Gracie's gift from Santa!
After opening presents C was anxious to see what Santa had left in his stocking.  There is nothing better than 2 new Handy Manny cups, a note pad, crayons, and a helicopter with candy to make a little boy happy!
For Gracie, Santa left a new security blanket Teddy Bear, socks, and Pez candy (that I'm sure Cutter will get to before Gracie).

After opening presents and playing with them for awhile, we got ready and headed over to Granma and Papaw Nixes house.  Waiting for us when we got there were lots of family!  I am so glad that McKenna got to spend Christmas with us this year!  She is so good with Cutter and Gracie.  Tyler just loves to play trucks with Cutter and Cutter just loves "Treeeeevor"!

L to R - Tyler, Cutter, Trevor, and McKenna Reese

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