Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree Topper...

My number one tree topper made his appearance back at the top of the tree yesterday!  His first attempt wasn't successful, so we tried again and he was so happy with himself!!  Way to go, Cutter!

What a difference a YEAR makes!!
We put the tree up while Cutter was laying down for a nap!  Knowing he would be excited when he woke up about the tree, I left a few ornaments for him to put up.  Just as I expected, all the ornaments went right to the middle of the tree.  I've left them there because I want him to be part of the festivities! 

I can't wait for him to see Santa, we have been talking about it and he seems interested, but I'm not holding my breath for a complete success.  Our tree skirt has a Santa on it, and he has been asking "Santa?" and I'll say "yes that's Santa, are you going to tell Santa what kind of toys you want?" and he's goes over to the Santa and says "toys!".  It's absolutly adorable!  I'm so excited to experience this through the eyes of a toddler!! 

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today I am thankful for many things, but the most important are these two babes:

Cutter holding Gracie for the 1st time
I am thankful for Cutter loving Gracie so much...

"I hold" and give lotsa kisses
I am thankful that Cutter has embraced his baby sister...

"I don't care that she is screaming her head off, I'll still smile"
I am thankful that Gracie's eyes brighten up the room when she sees her big brother...

"Peas Momma, I give huk (hug)"
I am thankful for siblings...

"ALL DONE"  holding her that is...
I am thankful for the love I see between them...

"I do it"
I am thankful that they will always be there for each other...

"me lay down momma"
I am thankful for them...

I am thankful for sisterly love...

Amanda, Kristie and Katie
I am thankful for my Mom and Grandma...

Oma and GG
I am thankful for this man...

Daddy and Cutter
and I am thankful that my dad will be coming home from Iraq on December 15!!

WOO HOO, it has been a GREAT year and I have alot to be thankful for, but I can only thank God for my many blessings!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Recently Cutter has started rolling, head over feet, of course...

and he's really good at it...

but we are working on the dismount!!

The smallest babe in the house has been smiling and laughing up a storm!  Here's an example:

Her giggle is contagious - once she starts then Cutter starts and it just get funnier from there!  I could not be happier than when I am home with them.  They are the light that brightens my days and my nights.  I love them both with all my heart!! 

Monday, November 23, 2009

What do you think?

Does this hat make my face look fat??

Cutter is such a ham!  He loves to put this, once an Easter basket, on as a hat!  I'm almost postive once Easter rolls around next year that this basket will not make it.  It get used and abused by the roughest boy in the house.  He likes to carry it around with various object in it and once he gets tired of doing that he puts it on his head!  He's even tried to use it as a step stool, hence why it won't make it to Easter 2010! 

And he has even wore it as a helmet!  I've reassured Greg that won't wear it out of the house anytime soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playing Dress-up!

When Gracie was born, I asked my mom to bring up the pile of clothes that I knew she had kept from when my sisters and I were little. I opened the bag and saw this dress and thought I better put that on her before it doesn't fit anymore, I'm glad I did because the pictures are absolutely priceless!
Gracie in a dress worn by Katie
I'll have to search for the pictures of Katie in this dress, but I am pretty sure I have them somewhere! Isn't she an absolute doll in these pictures!?!

I have more in a different outfit, but I didn't want to ruin this post with those, so I will save those for another day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You be the judge!!

Gracie @ 2 1/2 months Mommy @ 2 months
In the last month I have started to see an extremely strong resemblance between Gracie and my baby pictures! You be the judge, let me know if it is just in my head or if I succeeded in producing a child that is going to look like me!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Cutter has really been into me taking his picture lately! If he sees my camera or my phone he says "Cheeeese!" and normally holds the smile for a second or two! Sometimes I'm not so lucky and by the time I get my camera out - he's done posing and all I get is "NO Momma!".
Last night before bed, Cutter brought out his camera and said "Cheeeese"! I smiled and got out my camera and took this picture of him taking a picture of me. Since I cooperated for his camera taking, he cooperated with mine and he said "Cheeeese!" for my camera!

We have been feeling a little under the weather the last few days! Gracie has (another) ear infection, Cutter has a throat infection (10 blistery ulcers on the back of his throat, OUCH!!!), and Greg and I have tested positive for the regular influenza!! YUCK! So, needless to say, we are staying closed in tight in our little home, hoping and praying that Cutter and Gracie don't get it. Greg bought us masks to wear, so I will be sporting one of those later tonight when I get up to take care of Gracie!

Say a little prayer for me and I'll say a little prayer for you!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We've moved!!!

We switch practice facilites and can now be found at!!

Come over for a visit and join our fan club!!!

See you there!!!!

Get to know our players - Gracie aka "Sweet Pea"

Gracie is our sweet, cuddly, almost 4 month old. She is definitely different from her laid back, go with the flow, big brother. Always needing to be held, rocked, or talked to, but well worth it when she looks up at you and gives you the biggest grin ever. She was born with a head full of dark hair, I have made the best of it and always putting little bows on her. I can't wait until I can put pig tails and braids in her hair. I know she will look super cute!

"Sweet Pea" is NOT a lover of sleep - unlike her momma, daddy and big brother. We have spent countless night wide awake, cooing and laughing, when we should be sleeping. She is, although, an angel when she does sleep!! We have recently switched from nursing to bottles and seems to be much more content and sleeping much more soundly!!

Gracie is the cutest little thing when you get her laughing! Big brother, Cutter, is good at making her giggle out loud. Almost always it takes her brother walking by to put a smile on her face.
We are so blessed to have her in our life! She is the light that brightens our day and we couldn't imagine our days without her!!

Get to know our players - Cutter aka "C"

Cutter is our adventurous almost two year old, a big brother, and the sweetest little man around. He loves all thing boy, whether it be playing in the mud, swinging a bat or golf club, picking up rollie pollies, or jumping in the leaves, he LOVES to be outside. He definitely has most sports figured out, he may not have them perfected, but knows what each piece of equipment is for. C isn't quite the talker, but the actor, instead of using words to describe what happened, he shows you. His vocabulary is getting bigger by the day, but he still prefers to act things out, (hmm, maybe Hollywood is in his future). His favorite things to say are: "I do it", "Dwinkle" (for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), and "mine"!! When I ask him what his name is he says one of three things - "Wyatt", "NOT Wyatt" or "Dutter". The little boy down the street is named Wyatt and Cutter started saying his name months ago. Then I decided that Cutter needed to start learning what his name is so I would ask him "What's your name?" he would say "Wyatt" and I would say "No your name is not Wyatt, it's Cutter". He then started replying "Not Wyatt" and soon started saying "Dutter" on occasion.

Cutter is quite acrobatic! He can roll, head over feet, tightrope on the stones in the flowerbed, balance himself on one foot and jumps off the couch with perfection!
Gracie couldn't ask for a better big brother. When he talks to her, he refers to himself as Bubba, and speaks to her in a language only siblings have. I can't really understand what is being said, but I do know that she loves, loves, loves him so very much!! Her face just lights up and he can almost always make her happy in a snap, he tries to "tickle, tickle" her and is rarely unsuccessful at making her laugh! She is one lucky gal!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off Season...

After we won the World Series on August 5, 2009 (thats right, our seasons are a little different 'round here), we took advantage of off season and went on a little hiatus! The team manager has been busy getting us back in shape and working on a good routine. Expect more from us in the coming days, weeks and months as we work together as a team! We can't wait to show off the new moves our players are learning on a day to day bases. Please join our fan club and check back often!