Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slide Anyone or maybe a lil Tee Ball??

We bought Cutter this mini slide for his birthday and the weather this past week was just perfect for us to take it outside. And we invited Wyatt over to play!!
He loves it and has it just about figured out. The first few times we had to help him up the steps and teach him out to sit on the slide before you slide down. After that he had it down pat and knew exactly how to slide down, but would slide down on his back.
It only took a few times of going down on his back to realize that if he stayed sitting up, he would be able to slide down on his bottom! What a little smarty!!
The boys did a great job of sharing and waiting in line. I know a another great use for this slide, when it is a lot warmer outside. How about putting inside a kiddie pool!?! That seems like a great idea, Mom! We'll try it out in a few months and let you know how it goes, I can't wait!!
And for those of you who thought we were lying when we said we would have Cutter hitting off a tee before he was 18 months old, this proves you all wrong! He loves to hit the ball and can even do it on his own. He will hit the ball, then retrieve the ball, place it back on the tee and hit it again. He carries the bat with him as he goes to get the ball. Daddy is trying to get a little technical with him, I told Daddy to give it a few weeks before we worry about placing the feet in the right spot. ha ha. I'm just glad he seems really interested in it, another GREAT birthday present!

Monday, March 23, 2009

To the peds office we go!

We headed off the pediatricians office this morning. Cutter has been doing much better. We were sent home from the ER with oral steroids and antibiotics. Dr. Chinn is with me and thinking that he had some type of allergic reaction to something in the air. I asked to do an allergy test today, but she said due to the amount of steroids in his system it wouldn't come back with any information. Cutter has his 15 month check-up on Monday, so we will do the blood work for allergy screening then. If it comes back normal, we will have to wait awhile to do a prick test. They don't do prick tests on toddlers. At today's visit, Cutter was wheezing so we will rule out asthma at the next appointment as well. We are continuing to do the breathing treatments and will wean him off every 3 days.

Another week of waiting to do blood work to see what in the world this little man is allergic too. I am glad to know that I trusted my instincts and started the breathing treatments immediately, that is what probably saved us from having to call an ambulance.

I'm glad my little man is better!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Day at the ER!

Saturday March 21: After coming from playing outside,we sat down to have lunch and then started to relax for a nap when I noticed he was breathing rapidly (we counted 56 breaths a minute at this point). Kind of like he had just gotten done running a marathon, but we had been in for 45 minutes. We gave 3 breathing treatments at home before making the decision to head to the ER. By the time we got to the ER his breathing was down to 40 breaths a minute, which is still high. They ordered a chest x-ray and while we waited for the results, his pulse ox got better. They gave 2 oral doses of steroids and a shot of antibiotics. We still don't have a def diagnosis. We are heading to the pediatricians office on Monday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mullins Triplets! Prayer Request!!

Calling all my family and friends to pray for the Mullins Triplets!!

Aubrey Lyn - 3 lbs 14 inches
Brightyn Lee - 3 lbs 15 inches
Gage Aiden - 2lbs 10oz 13 inches

Aubrey and Brightyn are doing great! Aubrey is off the ventilator and Brightyn should be coming off this morning!

Gage was welcomed into the gates of Heaven with his Nana waiting! I know she is enjoying rocking and singing sweet songs to him!

Please pray for:
Aubrey and Brightyn as they continue to show strength and are doing great!
Brian and Katie as they mourn the loss of a son and praise the Lord for their beautiful daughters.
Katie to heal well and get back on her feet so that she can spend time with her gorgeous daughters!

Much Love,

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Push-Up!

It is FINALLY warm outside, so Cutter, his cousin, Emilee and I sat outside and ate their first push-up!! It was so fun to watch them try to figure out how to work one!
We started the day off by going to "Bounce U", a place similar to Pump It Up, Emilee enjoyed it but the slides there were just too big for Cutter, so we only spent an hour there.
Our next stop was Chuck E Cheese! Now that place, it was right up Cutter's alley. He loved to ride the rides and play the games.
We spent an hour and a half at CEC and by the time we got home, those two were ready for a big fat nap!
Yeah, not so much! Emilee slept for 45 minutes, Cutter 1 hour! What's wrong with that picture!! Play time is supposed to = more nap time!
After cat-nap time, it was time to play outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having! They couldn't wait to get outside.
Emilee and Cutter played so well together. She really enjoys being around him and helping him do anything he needs help with. Then it was time for some real fun!! Bring out the push-ups!! Emilee chose grape and Cutter chose strawberry! We had to eat them outside, because I knew it was going to get messy!!
And messy it got!! It got so messy, I had to spray both kids down outside with the hose!!

Cutter really enjoyed his first push-up and I really enjoyed watching him eat it!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Abbey!!

We had a busy weekend! On Sunday, March 8, Abbey turned 2!! She was a great birthday girl! We had a great time spending the day with her at her "Dora" birthday party!

Cutter loves singing "Happy Birthday". He was sitting on Daddy's shoulders as we sang the birthday song to the birthday girl! What a great participant!!
At Abbey's Birthday there was a BIG moon walk, Cutter loved every minute of it! He had such a great time and Abbey did such a great job of sharing her moon walk when she wasn't in it!! :)
Uh-oh! What did I catch him doing?
Having a blast!
I just love this boy!!

New word this week: DOG!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Updates! :)

Everyone is doing GREAT in our house!

I had a check-up for Baby Nix #2, we are growing good. The heartbeat sounded GREAT!! The Doctor did express some concern that the baby is laying a little low. I had Cutter with me, so I was in a little of a hurry. I didn't ask any other questions, and didn't really taking a second thought about it - until I got home. Greg asked how my appointment went and I had told him what Dr. Greebon had said and then I started to really think - and when your pregnant thinking sometimes isn't GOOD! I didn't sleep well last night, so I called the doctor this morning. I expressed my concern about what he said and wanted him to elaborate. Basically, the baby is laying low and my risk for premature labor is slightly higher than a normal pregnancy. He told me the signs to watch for - back labor, contractions, leaking fluid, but that he thought that I would be fine. Since we are still early in the pregnancy the baby has a chance of moving up and it not being an issue at all. We will discuss it more at my next check-up on March 31, when we will find out if we are having a boy or girl!!

Cutter had a check-up with the ENT today and his tubes are doing AWESOME!! We will recheck in 6 months. We made the appointment today and when she told me our appointment I was surprised to think that when we got to the next appointment I will have a new little one in tow with us!! WOW less than 6 months!!

Other than my mind going crazy last night, we are doing good! Cutter is talking non-stop and is picking up new words everyday! Our current new word is "out"!!
I'm OUTta here!