Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!

I can't say enough how much I love my son's dad! We spent most of the weekend working on Baby Girl's room. She will be here before we know it and we just had to get started on it, we are running out of weekends. The summer tends to be our most busiest time of the year and fitting in time to get it done has been hard, but we did it. And it looks AMAZING!! I will post pics later once we put the finished touches on it.

I had planned on making a big breakfast for Daddy when he woke, but he told me not to and we made plans to go to brunch with Papa Nix, Aunt Mel, Uncle D and Aunt Lindsey! I let Daddy sleep in, but Cutter knew better and was just banging at the door to go in, so I handed Cutter daddy's gift and he made his way in. He crawled on the bed as fast as he could and handed it over. Cutter knows just how to make someone feel special and he did it this morning. A big hug and kiss and Daddy was ready to start his day.

We miss Papa Homan sooooo much!! Papa made his way back to Iraq last month, but I had this photo that I hadn't posted yet. Happy Father's Day Papa, we hope you had a GREAT day and were able to get some sleep!! Love you to the moon and back!!

I do apologize for the lack of posts. I am on maternity leave and have been doing my best to keep Cutter and I busy before the new little one arrives. We have quite the tan going because we visit the pool at least once a week. Cutter has really taken a liking to the spray park we have at our pool and I am staying busy chasing him around.

Monday, June 8, 2009


After many attempts to upload several photos, I gave up! I did not, however, give up on uploading this super cute photo of our little man! We have been enjoying the Spring weather and spending lots of time outside. On Sunday, Greg and Cutter worked out in the yard. I have several cute photos of Cutter helping Greg move the sprinkler and him getting wet. He even took a break and laid out in the back of the tractor, but once again I couldn't get that photo uploaded.Cutter is talking up a storm. One of his cute new things is to tell the dogs to "TOP IT" when they are barking! He knows his momma and daddy can't hardly take the barking and we have taken to telling the dogs to "stop" when they do it. Cutter has decided to pick up on this and will tell any animal that is making noise to "top it". It is sooo cute, although I might not be thinking that in a few months.

I am starting my maternity leave on June 15, and I can't wait!! I am so excited to be getting to spend this special time together with Cutter before the new baby arrives. I hope that it doesn't hurt us. We are getting to spend this time together, however Cutter is used to me being gone. Hopefully, he won't get used to this one on one time and then be super depressed when the baby comes. I do have some hope though, we have spent this past week at my sister's house helping her transition into being a family of 4 and Cutter was extremely SWEET to baby Maycee. Several times he leaned in to just check her out, take a look, make sure she was doing ok and then walked away and did his own thing. BUT, we didn't bring her home with us, so I don't know if I can really use that to judge how he is going to handle it all. I am sure he will adjust, but I am just trying to prepare myself for his rejection.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Maycee Alynn Eden

Welcome the newest addition to my extended family! Maycee Alynn Eden made her appearance on the last day of May, May 31. Emilee is so excited to be a BIG sister! She even mentioned a few times that she is Cutter's BIG sister and asked when Cutter was going to get his "own" big sister! Too Cute!! We are in Cove spending some time with Emilee - taking her to school, picking her up and going to the hospital. Katie thinks she will be out sometime tomorrow.

She is too perfect for words and we thank God everyday that she made it here safely! She looks just like Emilee did when she was born!