Thursday, October 2, 2008

Diary:Day 4 - Just enjoying family!

What can I say I enjoy family! I love my family. I love everything about being part of a family. And I want nothing more than Cutter to enjoy our family!

Day 4 of our vacation was spent just hanging out with our family. It was Monday, so most of our family members had to go back to work. We, meanwhile, went to visit a small town east of North Portal. Estavan is the closest town to North Portal (and it is about 25 minutes away); it has a small strip mall and a few restaurants. The town is in a major need of workers, we went to eat at a restaurant and it took us an hour and a half to eat! They have been working on rebuilding a bridge in town for a year; the oil companies have been coming in and hiring the crews working on the bridge. They have done twice! They can make two times as much working on the oil rigs, so who wouldn't go!

After our trip to Estavan, we returned to Cathie's house and had dinner. Finally, we had the chance to see Ian. Ian has to be the funniest guy, next to my cousin John, in our family! I have always enjoyed being around him and I couldn't wait for Cutter to meet him. Unfortunately, we were visiting during the week he works, so our visit was short and sweet. He did make the drive from Estavan to come see us and I was super excited. Cutter was asleep for the night, but once Ian walked in the door he had us laughing so hard and loud that we woke him up! Oh well I wanted him to meet Ian anyway!

Ian and Grandma

Ian and Cutter

and the three of us

Day 5 of our trip takes us to the farm! Stay tuned!! :)

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