Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diary:Day 3 - Hanging out, playing the piano & a craft show

Sundays in Texas are lazy days. Sundays in Canada are lazy days too.

The morning air is crisp, the day was bright. We skipped church in lieu of getting a few extra hours of some much needed sleep. Cutter started his morning off by reading, err eating, the Sunday paper - just like his Mommy already. (No I don't eat it, I read it :))

The little man adapts easily to change. He is a wonderful sleeper at home, but I was unsure of how he would do sleeping in another, unfamiliar place. I tried hard to keep him on his routine, trying to make it easier for him to make the transition, but all my worries were put to rest the first and second night of our vacation. He slept all night long and took good long naps when needed.
We woke every morning to this smiling face! We knew he was getting a good nights rest if we woke to him saying "Dada". Aunt Bette graciously lent us her room and Cutter slept in his pack-n-play at the foot of our bed. He would wake, stand up and look at us with his big grin as if saying "OK Mom and Dad time to get up and eat some grub.".
The whole time we were visiting Aunt Bette, Cutter would so casually walk over to this table, stand there and look out the window. Then he would inch his hand over to her nicely decorated fall candleholder and look at me until I told him "no". He listened, but would try over and over again, hoping that one time I might just let him touch it. It must have been so enticing to him, but he would follow the rules and not touch it!
Cutter found this footstool a lot of fun. Over the week we were there he must have pushed it around the living room at least 100 times. By the end of the week, he realized that once he ran it into the couch he had to get on the other side to go another direction. That's my boy, problem solving already!!

Cutter was very interested in the piano. The night before at our first family gathering of the week, Warren (Lauren's husband) played a nice rendition of Charlie Brown. Cutter was mesmerized! He sat and listened the whole time. We got quite a few nice songs played while we were there. But the best song played was when we put Cutter at the piano and let him go to town. He loved it and had a blast listening to himself play. I have always told Greg that Cutter may want to play the piano instead of playing ball and we agreed while we were on vacation that it would be just grand if he did want to play. We would totally support him if that is what he chooses to do. We hope that he is as talented as our "Canadian" family.

Aunt Bette has taught most of her grandchildren how to play. I joked that I would be sending Cutter up to see her once a year and the only thing they would be doing during his visit would be learning how to play. Or at least she thinks I was joking!

Before we left for our afternoon out to the craft show and Daddy to the golf course, we took some pictures outside in the beautiful weather we were having.
Also, Dave and his clan were going back to Moosejaw. We were so sad to see them go. Audra was such a great play date for Cutter. She has lots of patience and enjoyed play with him as much as he enjoyed playing with her. Dave really took a liking to Cutter as well, although that is not hard to do. I know Dave enjoyed seeing Cutter smiling face early in the morning. We didn't get to see much of Burke, with his cousin and friends just down the street in such a small town, once he got up Saturday morning we didn't see him again until Sunday when they were leaving. We felt so very lucky to be blessed with their presence for 3 days and are so glad they made the drive down to see us. We didn't get a chance to see Mary Kay; we sure did miss her!

Burke, Dave, Audra, Cutter, Mommy, Greg and Grandma Mac
While the girls went shopping and the boys went golfing, the grandma's went to the casino. On the way to the casino, Aunt Bette stopped and picked up Jackie. Jackie is my grandfather's cousin's wife and they often would visit Texas in their retirement years. Kip and Jackie came to Texas so often that have vivid memories of having dinner, laughing and telling stories from when I was younger. Kip passed away shortly after my grandfather in 2005 and since then Jackie's health has started to decline. Jackie has Alzheimer's and although she acted like she knew whom we were, we were almost positive she didn't. That's OK though, I am glad I got a chance to see her again. I don't remember not seeing this smile on Jackie's face! What a wonderful lady to have known.
Aunt Bette, Jackie and Grandma

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