Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diary: Day 7 - Homeward Bound!

We were so sad to leave Canada! I was extremely SAD, that place is awesome. I didn't watch tv for a week, not even the news! Greg started out driving when we left, but soon the sickness came over him again and I had to take over the wheel. When we got to South Dakota, Greg pulled in to a McD's and we switched drivers! Cutter decided that he wanted a turn at the wheel, he did a great job a getting us home quickly!

Seriously though, I drove most of the way home! I didn't mind. I love driving and sight seeing, even though I travel a lot, I don't always get to see the beauty of our country. I had a great time, just taking it all in. Greg and Cutter slept a lot of the drive home, due to not feeling well. Grandma was a great right hand man. She hasn't been in to Canada in 5-6 years and she could still tell me where to go, not even looking at a map!

Overall, our visit to Canada was AMAZING!! I can not tell you the gratitude I have and love that I feel for our "Canadian" family! We will most certainly go back, hopefully it won't be too far from now!

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