Monday, October 6, 2008

Apology to my readers!

Ok, to all six of you who read Cutter's blog, ahem Aunt Katie, I am sorry I haven't updated it lately. It's just that we have had alot going on and I just don't have the energy after Cutter goes to bed.

Cutter has some kind of bacterial infection. He woke with 104.7 fever Friday morning. I immediatly took him to the good Doc (I was there in 15 minutes), they drew some blood and his white blood count was over 20,000! Which means he is fighting a major infection somewhere in his body. The good doc thought that it might be the onset of pneumonia again, so they gave him two shots of an antibotic. But, when we took him back on Saturday to do a recheck of the blood work, his white blood count had rose - which means it is bacterial. So the little man got another shot!! Poor guy! After all the shots of antibiotics, the little man got a good dose of the runnies, so now he is on a liquid diet! See, I told you I have been busy and overwhelmed!

I started our day 5 diary, but got too tired to journal it. I will try and work on it tomorrow! But please don't hold me to it, just give me a day or two and I promise it will be up soon!

Thanks for the patience!

P.S. We did get some good news, our family will soon be expanding by one! NO, NOT ME!! My lil sis, Katie, just found out she is expecting again! Due around June 8, 2009! Please pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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  1. It's about time!!! LOL J/K i love ya give Cutter a big hug and kiss for me I hope he feels better!!!