Thursday, October 23, 2008


Another day of fun with wonderful mommies and babies! It had been awhile since Cutter and I had gone to one. Everyone was shocked at how big Cutter is getting! He plays so well with other children and loves to be around them too. The mommies have started a play group for each month it will be at a different babies house and we will pick a different color for all of them to wear! Today's color: PURPLE!!

Cutter and Parker trying to escape! They were the only boys, we missed Little O!

Big birthday boy, Parker will be turning one on Saturday! Wow, they grow up fast!

Pretty in Purple, Camryn

Looking through the gate! Everything, I mean everything goes into the mouth! errrrr...
Come play with me mom!
We stuck them all in the gated area! Wow, that's a lot of babies for one area!
Abbie! It was her birthday and Cutter brought her hot pink Daisies!! awwww...
Mia - she wanted out and fast!!
Cutter playing by himself! Everyone else wanted out, not my lil man, he was just fine playing with all those toys! What a good boy!!

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  1. looks like you all had so much fun! I am sorry o and i missed it. he even has a purple shirt ;-)