Sunday, November 15, 2009

Get to know our players - Cutter aka "C"

Cutter is our adventurous almost two year old, a big brother, and the sweetest little man around. He loves all thing boy, whether it be playing in the mud, swinging a bat or golf club, picking up rollie pollies, or jumping in the leaves, he LOVES to be outside. He definitely has most sports figured out, he may not have them perfected, but knows what each piece of equipment is for. C isn't quite the talker, but the actor, instead of using words to describe what happened, he shows you. His vocabulary is getting bigger by the day, but he still prefers to act things out, (hmm, maybe Hollywood is in his future). His favorite things to say are: "I do it", "Dwinkle" (for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), and "mine"!! When I ask him what his name is he says one of three things - "Wyatt", "NOT Wyatt" or "Dutter". The little boy down the street is named Wyatt and Cutter started saying his name months ago. Then I decided that Cutter needed to start learning what his name is so I would ask him "What's your name?" he would say "Wyatt" and I would say "No your name is not Wyatt, it's Cutter". He then started replying "Not Wyatt" and soon started saying "Dutter" on occasion.

Cutter is quite acrobatic! He can roll, head over feet, tightrope on the stones in the flowerbed, balance himself on one foot and jumps off the couch with perfection!
Gracie couldn't ask for a better big brother. When he talks to her, he refers to himself as Bubba, and speaks to her in a language only siblings have. I can't really understand what is being said, but I do know that she loves, loves, loves him so very much!! Her face just lights up and he can almost always make her happy in a snap, he tries to "tickle, tickle" her and is rarely unsuccessful at making her laugh! She is one lucky gal!!

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