Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Updates! :)

Everyone is doing GREAT in our house!

I had a check-up for Baby Nix #2, we are growing good. The heartbeat sounded GREAT!! The Doctor did express some concern that the baby is laying a little low. I had Cutter with me, so I was in a little of a hurry. I didn't ask any other questions, and didn't really taking a second thought about it - until I got home. Greg asked how my appointment went and I had told him what Dr. Greebon had said and then I started to really think - and when your pregnant thinking sometimes isn't GOOD! I didn't sleep well last night, so I called the doctor this morning. I expressed my concern about what he said and wanted him to elaborate. Basically, the baby is laying low and my risk for premature labor is slightly higher than a normal pregnancy. He told me the signs to watch for - back labor, contractions, leaking fluid, but that he thought that I would be fine. Since we are still early in the pregnancy the baby has a chance of moving up and it not being an issue at all. We will discuss it more at my next check-up on March 31, when we will find out if we are having a boy or girl!!

Cutter had a check-up with the ENT today and his tubes are doing AWESOME!! We will recheck in 6 months. We made the appointment today and when she told me our appointment I was surprised to think that when we got to the next appointment I will have a new little one in tow with us!! WOW less than 6 months!!

Other than my mind going crazy last night, we are doing good! Cutter is talking non-stop and is picking up new words everyday! Our current new word is "out"!!
I'm OUTta here!

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