Monday, March 16, 2009

First Push-Up!

It is FINALLY warm outside, so Cutter, his cousin, Emilee and I sat outside and ate their first push-up!! It was so fun to watch them try to figure out how to work one!
We started the day off by going to "Bounce U", a place similar to Pump It Up, Emilee enjoyed it but the slides there were just too big for Cutter, so we only spent an hour there.
Our next stop was Chuck E Cheese! Now that place, it was right up Cutter's alley. He loved to ride the rides and play the games.
We spent an hour and a half at CEC and by the time we got home, those two were ready for a big fat nap!
Yeah, not so much! Emilee slept for 45 minutes, Cutter 1 hour! What's wrong with that picture!! Play time is supposed to = more nap time!
After cat-nap time, it was time to play outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having! They couldn't wait to get outside.
Emilee and Cutter played so well together. She really enjoys being around him and helping him do anything he needs help with. Then it was time for some real fun!! Bring out the push-ups!! Emilee chose grape and Cutter chose strawberry! We had to eat them outside, because I knew it was going to get messy!!
And messy it got!! It got so messy, I had to spray both kids down outside with the hose!!

Cutter really enjoyed his first push-up and I really enjoyed watching him eat it!!

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