Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slide Anyone or maybe a lil Tee Ball??

We bought Cutter this mini slide for his birthday and the weather this past week was just perfect for us to take it outside. And we invited Wyatt over to play!!
He loves it and has it just about figured out. The first few times we had to help him up the steps and teach him out to sit on the slide before you slide down. After that he had it down pat and knew exactly how to slide down, but would slide down on his back.
It only took a few times of going down on his back to realize that if he stayed sitting up, he would be able to slide down on his bottom! What a little smarty!!
The boys did a great job of sharing and waiting in line. I know a another great use for this slide, when it is a lot warmer outside. How about putting inside a kiddie pool!?! That seems like a great idea, Mom! We'll try it out in a few months and let you know how it goes, I can't wait!!
And for those of you who thought we were lying when we said we would have Cutter hitting off a tee before he was 18 months old, this proves you all wrong! He loves to hit the ball and can even do it on his own. He will hit the ball, then retrieve the ball, place it back on the tee and hit it again. He carries the bat with him as he goes to get the ball. Daddy is trying to get a little technical with him, I told Daddy to give it a few weeks before we worry about placing the feet in the right spot. ha ha. I'm just glad he seems really interested in it, another GREAT birthday present!

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  1. LOVE the baseball pictures! My son loves baseball! :)