Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diary:Day 2 - History Lesson

On Saturday, after a good nights rest, we were ready to get going and do some sight seeing. I had been to Canada 16 years ago, in 1992 and we had gone to visit the house where my grandfather, his twin brother and two older brothers were raised. I was eager to go back and see it. I was warned that it wasn't in the best of shape and the gentleman that had bought it didn't want us on his property, so we stayed back and took pictures from the street.
They were right, the house wasn't in the best of shape and the out-house that used to be right off the back left hand side was gone. My great grandmother would have never let her house look like this. She was very particular and took pride in her house. I wish we would have been able to go inside. The last time we were there we at least able to get closer and see inside, but we understand.
This chicken coop was used to house the chickens and later was used as storage. At our previous visit, we went into the coop and retrieved many family photos, priceless belongings and some nice antiques. This time all I could do was look from afar and wonder what might still be in there. It doesn't look like much has been done to it, so there is no telling if there are belongings still left in there.

Our next stop was the cemetery where my great grandparents and their infant son are buried. In 1992, a white church stood next to the cemetery and in 1995 the church was destroyed by a plow wind.

Kopperud Lutheran Church was erected in 1910 and destroyed by a plow wind at 12:30 am on July 30, 1995. The cemetery grounds are now maintained by a local family and they do an amazing job!
This bell was once used at the church and is the only item that survived the plow wind.

This is the school that my grandfather and his brothers attended. They were so strict that they would not allow my grandfather to use his left hand and would often slap his hand with a stick to remind him to use his right hand. I was surprised that it was still standing, I took this picture from about 100 yards away, as there is no longer a road that leads to it.
Here is the old border crossing office. They have built a new one, this one is no longer in use. It is right across the street from my great grandparents house.
Our last stop was there cemetery where my Great Uncle Leonard is buried. Uncle Leonard passed away unexpectedly in 1989. He was watching t.v. fell asleep and never woke. Aunt Bette wanted to stop by and see him as she does very often.

After our tour of North Gate and North Portal we met back at Aunt Bette's house for a dinner and a chance for everyone to get together. We had a great time socializing and Cutter was the best entertainment we could have asked for. He had a great time playing with all this 3 rd cousins.

Cutter and Audra
This was entertaining watching him figure out how to get it off his head. It only took 4 times for him to figure out that the ring disappeared to the top of his head and how to get it off. He had a blast playing with Audra. The funny thing is is that at our last family reunion Audra was Cutters age and I was the one playing with her this way. Oh how the circle of life goes.
Nikole and Cutter
Grandma and Cathie
Nikole and Dorna

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