Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 exhausting days, 2 - 24 hour car rides, and 24 new friends and family to love!

Over 300 pictures and many stories later, we are getting back into the groove of things after a 10 day trip to Canada. For the next week I will post a diary of our trip! We are exhausted and ready to get back on a schedule. Cutter is an amazing travler and everyone fell in love with him. We are so excited that we got to take him along to meet family and friends that were just as anxious to meet him. He was a total hit and just as good as I expected him to be.

Be on the look out for a day to day diary of our trip to Canada!

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  1. I was getting worried about you guys after so long with no post. Was actually checking for one today and planning to call you if nothing. Glad you are okay and can't wait to see photos!