Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Home Uncle James!

Phew, what a weekend!

Greg, Cutter and I had plans to just hang out at the house and do nothing, but when Aunt Katie (my lil sis) called and asked if her, GG (my Mom) and Emilee could come up on Friday, I said jumped and said "yes!". Katie wanted to come up and surprise Uncle James at the DFW airport and pick him up there for his 2 week R & R, instead of having him catch his connecting flight. Boy did we have a whirl wind of a weekend. At first Uncle James was coming in Saturday at 8 AM, then it was Sunday at 6 AM, finally it was Monday at 1:30 PM. The airplane seemed to have maintenance issues in Germany and he was stuck there for 30 hours!! While we waited patiently for Uncle James we went to have some fun.

Cutter and Emilee had so much fun together. She is such a great big cousin! If she was around 24/7 I don't think Cutter would ever crawl/walk, because she brings all the toys to him. They had a great time together!

On Sunday after we heard that Uncle James still wasn't coming home, we knew we needed to get out of the house. Since Emilee had been so good, we decided to take a drive to Firewheel Mall and we found the best girly place out there - Club Libby Lu. If it is pink, High School Musical, Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers then you can find it at Club Libby Lu.

For a modest fee little girls can get their hair done, finger nails painted, and get to choose from a number of accessories. Emilee chose a microphone headset. She looked super cute and walked around like she owned the world. She is a little shopping D-I-V-A!!

Finally the day has arrived - Daddy had to go to work, so Mommy, Aunt Katie, Emilee and GG made there way to DFW to pick Uncle James up. We thought that he was coming in at 1:30, but after waiting at the airport for a couple of hours we found out that his flight would be 3 hours late, arriving instead at 4:30 PM. We left the airport, went and got something to eat and returned a few hours later.

We waited patiently for Uncle James to arrive:

FINALLY, the time has arrived - Uncle James is home!!!

Welcome Home Uncle James! We hope you enjoy your time home! See you this weekend!!

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