Sunday, August 17, 2008

A New Ride!

Mommy and Cutter have been spending lots of time together lately. For the past 2 weeks Cutter has had a little bit of separation anxiety. When I return home from a trip, he won't let me put him down to even change my clothes and when I go to walk out of the room, you would have thought I had taken his favorite toy away from him. So when Daddy volunteered to take the little man out for a walk this afternoon I took full advantage of my time - to take some pictures!! It wouldn't be right to let him take a ride in his very first car without pictures, right?

Apparently, Daddy had tried to take him once before and couldn't figure out how to make the strap shorter and didn't want him to fall out, so when I suggested taking his new car this time Daddy was more than happy to - once I fixed the strap. No accidents on his watch, so he says!!

I would be lying if I said he liked it, he absolutely LOVED it! I could hear the laughter and squeals as they were coming around the corner.

Cutter is perfecting his old man face, and he looks cuter and cuter every time he does it!

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