Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend!

We spent most of the weekend in my hometown and had an absolute blast! Uncle James is home for his 2 week R&R and the lil sis had a BBQ for him. In the morning the boys played golf and most the girls got their manis and pedis done. Cutter and I went to visit some family that he had yet to meet.

Great Uncle Leslie had been out of town doing some work in another country, because of that this was our first opportunity for him to meet Cutter.
Great Uncle Leslie and Cutter

Great Grandma Homan and Cutter - we think Cutter has gotten those pretty blue eyes from this side of the family.

Papa Homan and Cutter - sharing some special time outside!

At the BBQ we spent a lot of time outside, the weather was beautiful and the kiddos were in a great mood. Cutter loved playing the green grass and feeling the blades between his toes. He only tryed to eat the grass two or three times, if he had been a little older I probably would have let him, but I figured I better teach him that we don't eat grass - yet!

Emilee just got this swing set for her birthday and because the weather has been so miserably hot this was her first time to be able to enjoy it. Everyone, including the adults, had a great time going back a few years and going for a swing!
Emilee enjoying her swing!
Aunt Amanda and Aunt Katie taking a jump back in life and enjoying the swings.

Abbey was no different, she loved the swings as well.

With the weather cooperating, I had the opportunity to have a nice photoshoot with Cutter!

And some random shots of the family:

We had a great weekend! Cutter is such a good baby, with all the running around we did this weekend, you would have never known that he was cutting his BOTTOM right tooth! Thats right, Cutter now has a bottom tooth to go along with those two top teeth. Before we know it the tooth fairy may be visiting my house! Oh please help me slow the time down!! :)

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