Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is "THE" Rocking Chair!

At our recent visit to my hometown, we took some pictures of Cutter is the famous rocking chair. This rocking chair has had many of bottoms sitting in it. I remember sitting in it, there were also many fights over who got to sit in "the chair". At some age you get to big to sit in it, so you have to choose another seat, but I had my fair share of rocking. The chair is still up and working for the great grands to sit in. It has a long history, it has been around longer than my mom and uncles. It was made by my great grandfather for my grandpa and his twin brother, so there are two of them around. We have so much fun handing things down like this. I hope that it is still around for my grands to take pictures in, for now it is staying at Grandma's house for everyone to enjoy!

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