Friday, August 29, 2008

8 month update!

I know it is late, but better late than never right??

Dear Mommy's Little Monkey,

You are growing faster than I could have ever imagined. You are still the sweetest little boy I know! We have had so many accomplishments this month - to include but not limited to - getting your two TOP teeth, crawling, pulling up on objects that aren't stuck to the ground, and really becoming aware of your surroundings.

On Monday, August 25 - while we were waiting for Uncle James to get home - GG stuck her finger into your mouth, and low and behold what did she find? A TOOTH! The top left toothy had just popped through and Mommy had no clue! Our only sign that you were even teething was that the drool would never stop, there haven't been any melt downs, you haven't been irratible, or showing any other signs. And I just knew that the bottom teeth were going to come in first, but nope, you like to be different - getting those top teeth first. **Still trying to get a picture of them, he won't let me get close to him with the camera right now**

Last Friday, you also started crawling. I was so excited to see you go I was rooting for you and you were so happy about your accomplishment. Now if only you could figure out to follow me when I walk into another room, once you figure that out there will be no stopping you. Once you figured out that you could move from one part of the room to the other, the glow on your face was such that I won't ever forget it. You are such a sweet boy!

Another feat that you have seemed to master this month (actually the last few days, but it still counts) is pulling up on things around the house. Things like the couch, the ottoman, and the magazine rack. We learned real quick that the magazine rack does not support 23 lbs trying to pull on it.

You hair is growing quickly!! My plan was to wait until you turned a year old to get your first haircut, but I don't know if I am going to be able to wait that long. I like a clean cut boy, and the hair over the ears thing is killing me, but I don't want to lose my baby any faster than I already am, so I guess I will wait as long as I can!

You are my sweet baby boy. If I could put a brick on your head and just take it all in for a day or two I would. I can't believe how fast things are progressing and that you are becoming so independent. People always say "they will be graduating high school before you know it," and I can totally see how fast that time is going to come and go.

Until next month, keep growing, getting sweeter, and maybe by next month you will be walking!

Love you from here to eternity!

Mommy :)

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  1. I love his burnt orange outfit!!!!!!!!!