Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our First Playdate! :)

Our first playdate was so much fun!! Our Gymboree class gets together once a month at a neighborhood park and we were able to make this one. The mommies drank mimosas and the babies cooed and played with each other. Cutter played his little heart out and took a good 3 hour nap after it was over.

Cutter and Baby A playing, since Cutter is now able to sit up on his own, he really enjoyed sharing his toys with her.

Lookin as cute as can be!
Cutter sitting up like a BIG Boy!!
These are the little men of the class. The only boys, compared to 6 girls!!

Little O, Cutter and Parker
The whole Gymboree playdate group! We had a blast and can't wait til next time!!

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