Friday, June 27, 2008

.5 years old!!

Dear Cutter,

What a difference 6 months makes:

You have been a busy little bee this month! You have made many new friends since you started going to the babysitters. You seem to love being around friends and family. You are such a happy baby and a complete joy to be around.

In the half a year that you have been here on this great planet we call Earth, many exciting things have happened:

  • 2008 is an election year and our Presidential nominees have been picked. Obama vs McCain
    ~GO McCain!!~

  • Mommy and Daddy are doing our best to "Go Green" and raise you to do the same thing.

  • Fresno State won the College World Series, they were the lowest ranking team to ever win a college Championship game!

  • Oil prices hit record highs!

  • Boston Celtics win NBA Championship

  • Giants win the Super Bowl

  • Polar Bears have been placed on the threatened list, and protected by the Endangered Species Act.

and last, but not least (drum roll please!)...

  • Mommy went back to work

The last one is the one that most effects our lives. You have shown that warrior spirit and have adjusted amazingly well. Every time we arrive to pick you up you have the biggest grin on your face and are so happy to see us, as we are to see you.

I just can't get enough of your loving. You love to hug and give slobbery kisses and I love to receive them.

You have started talking in your own little language, and on a nightly basis sing yourself to sleep. When you want up, you lift your arms up and put your hands together over your head. You love to play peek-a-boo. I'll say "where is Cutter?" and you will pull the burp cloth over your head and pull it down with a big grin on your face, you wait for me to say "there he is" and then start your belly laughs.

You have pretty much mastered the art of eating. When Mommy and Daddy are having dinner you want to be right there part of our conversation and enjoying a snack or two as well. You love to bang on your highchair and hear all the sounds it makes and are pretty proud of yourself when it gets our attention.

You love the puppies and they LOVE you!! If you are sitting on the floor, Marlee will come over to you, roll over and expect you to rub her belly. You just sit there starring at her and wait for her to get the hint, then she licks your hands, it must tickle because the effect is a belly laugh from you. I tried to capture it on video, but of course the battery was dead!! So it is charged and ready to go when it happens again.

You amaze me more and more everyday. You have this life thing figured out and are just laying back and enjoying it one day at a time. I continue to pray that you will grow to be a strong, healthy, and active toddler who will brighten my day for years to come.

I love you to eternity and back!!



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