Monday, June 23, 2008

Emilee turns 3!!!

This weekend Emilee had her 3rd birthday party! She actually turns three on June 26, but we celebrated early! She was so excited! She kept asking me "when my birthday going to be here?" and I would tell her later today and she would say ok, go do something else and then return 5 minutes later to ask me again! She is so cute!

(The Birthday Girl with her new princess bike!!)

There was one thing that was holding Emilee back from being a BIG girl - her pacifier or boppy as she calls them. My sister, Katie (Emilee's Mom), told her that she needed to send the boppy's to the babies in Heaven as they needed them more that she did. After her party she reminded us that she needed to send the boppy's to Heaven, so we prepared them for send off and made sure that Emilee knew she would never get them back. Like the BIG girl we knew she was, she sent the pacifiers to Heaven and was very proud of herself for doing so!

(Taking one last picture with her boppy)

I am so proud of her!! She hasn't cried or asked about them since Saturday!! I love this little girl so much!!

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  1. what a neat way to say good-bye to the pacifiers. what a big girl--so cute!