Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sprinkler FUN!

Last week, Cutter begged (we're working on it) asked to play in the sprinkler, so when we got home from the store I set it up for Cutter and Gracie to play and have some fun in the sun!  

They loved every minute of it!  Getting Gracie to warm up to the idea was a little hard, but once she realized it wasn't going to hurt her she was all for it! 
I love this picture!  One kid putting his head down and the other one waiting the water to rain down on her!  
 They raced from one end of the yard to the other end, they played with a big water bucket, but in the end they hugged and played together and that makes my heart full of so much love for both of them!  I hope their love continues to be as strong as it is today!!
"Be with who makes you smile" -Author Unknown

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