Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bike Ride!

Greg has been wanting to buy bikes and go for a family bike ride for awhile.  So instead of rushing out and buying bikes we asked if we could borrow our neighbors first, to see how it would work!  
 Greg and Cutter took a ride around the neighborhood first while I got Gracie ready!  She saw them coming around the corner and was soo excited for her turn on the bike!

 Greg is such a good daddy!  I didn't want to attempt getting on a bike, although I will soon, I just couldn't do it today!  He was so good to take Gracie with him.
Gracie was all grins and giggles on her bike ride.  Cutter graciously offered for Gracie to wear his bike helmet during the ride and Mommy was more than happy to oblige.  
 And they're off...
After a BIG ride around the whole neighborhood, they were all back safe and sound and dripping with sweat, even Cutter!
Thanks Pantalions, for loaning us the bikes for our trial run, but in the end, we've determined that Greg needs a bigger bike!!

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