Thursday, June 9, 2011


Since it has been so long since I've posted I'm going to do "Get to know" type post about what our babes have been up too in the last year!

(his first dentist appt - May 2010)
Cutter, a soon to be 4 year old (!), is one of the sweetest little guys I know!  He loves his sister and baseball, in that order.  
Nix 4th of July Reunion 2010
He has got the biggest blue/gray eyes I've ever seen.  We get told that he looks a lot like Greg, but I really thinks he looks a lot like my dad's brother, my Uncle Steve, he looks just like his baby pictures.  He goes back and forth between loving to wear a baseball cap and having to have his hair done.  
Nix July 4th Family Reunion 2010
Cutter loved water last summer and is seems to be true for this year too!  Once it warmed up to a cool 95 degrees Cutter and Greg have been outside every day and evening.  They have their own little pool set up in the backyard and Cutter and Gracie LOVE it!  And it helps them both take good naps!
Ft. Worth Zoo - Nov 2010
Cutter will pretty much do anything we ask him to do, as long as it isn't picking up toys or cleaning his room.  He loves to try new things (a trait he gets from his mommy) and will give anything his all when he puts his mind too it.  He loves to play Nerf Guns with Greg.  His over all favorite thing to do to pass the time is to play hide-n-go-seek, Gracie and I usually team up together and Cutter and Daddy are a team.  This makes for some fun times in our house.  We are trying to teach him that he has to stay quiet and not giggle, but the little guy just can't keep those giggles in!  
Christmas 2010
Cutter really understood Christmas 2010 and is already looking forward to Christmas 2011.  I'm thinking we might are getting The Elf on The Shelf this year. (I just ordered it!!)  He asks all the time when Santa is coming! Little does he understand yet, that when Christmas comes, his birthday also comes and I DON'T want me little guy turning another year older, I love this age!
Cutter's 3rd Birthday Party - Feb 2011
Cutter loves BIG trucks, any kind of truck, Monster Trucks or Firetruck!  I had a hard time locating a Monster Truck for his 3rd birthday party so a Big Red Firetruck did the trick!  Cutter loved having his party at the Wylie Fire Station.  Although, Mommy was a little nervous that they would get a fire call in the middle of the party and sure enough they did.  Sirens, loud horns and red flashing lights are all part of the package when you decide to have a Firemans Birthday Party!
First Airplane Ride - March 2011
I don't know why neglected to take the kids on their first airplane ride, they did SO well!!  Cutter loved riding and sitting in his seat, Gracie did ok.  Mommy was actually working the flight, so Gracie was more interested in seeing what Mommy was doing.  
Easter - April 2011
Easter was so much FUN this year!  All the kids that were babies last year were running around searching for eggs this year!  It was a total blast and just look how much he has grown!  Such a little gentleman! 
Mother's Day - 2011
My best job by far that God has ever blessed me with is being the mother to two of the sweetest kids in the world!! They are my life and I can't remember what I did without them, except maybe sleep, but there will be plenty of sleep later in life.  For now I'm enjoying every bit of these two babes!

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