Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Gracie Girl

oh how my gracie girl has changed since my last post!

When I left blogging Gracie looked like this :
Mar 13, 2010
And now: 
Easter 2011
Gracie is the sweetest little almost 2 year old there is!  She loves her babies, she loves to cuddle, and loves to give kisses.
 Nix Fourth of July Reunion 2010
Gracie went from being a sitter to a walker in about 3 months!  She wasn't in a hurry to do anything dramatic. She still takes her time to do things.  She must know that she can do it, before she tries.
 Gracie is certainly my girly-girl!  She loves to play dress-up, wear my heels, do her hair and put on pretend make-up!  She also makes a great model for some tutu's I've made!
 Happy 1st Birthday, Gracie
Gracie wasn't the best of eater at the beginning of when she started eating table food!  Some food therapy and a little bit of time away from Mom and Dad (while we went on a cruise) and she was eating everything, but fruits and veggies!  So that leaves her eating nuggets, mac & cheese and lots of noodles!  She's not much of a junk food eater, and doesn't really care much for sweets, unless it is a sucker!
 Gracie's hair is growing WILD!  She's had her first haircut twice!  The first time, I swore she needed a haircut and I paid $15 for her hair to look just as wild.  The second haircut, she needed more of a trim of her bangs.  She did well and smiled the whole time!
 Oh my Gracie girl, it doesn't take much to upset her.  She is a sensitive soul, just like her momma.  She doesn't like to be told "no", but who does.  She cries any time Bubba takes something away and he is quickly learning that he doesn't like when she cries.  He immediately gives back her toy or tries to make the situation better.
 My turkey, turkey!  
 Gracie is talking up a storm and will repeat almost anything you say or bubba says!  Her favorite words are "NO!" "Yes!" and "MINE!" "Share!"
 She is the most beautiful little girl!  She reminds me so much of myself when I was little.  She has a really caring spirit and love for others.
 She loves her Momma more than anything and shows me with daily hugs, cuddles and kisses!
 But, this girl holds a special place in her Daddy's heart!  I love seeing the two of them play together, wrestle and share kisses!  Daddy is in so much trouble when she gets older, I hope she reserves her kisses just for him till she's 25 30!!!!!!

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