Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today Gracie turns FIVE months old!  Where did the time go?  I will soon be returning to work, returning to leaving my kids 2 nights a week - I am NOT looking forward to it. 

I find this time going by much faster than it did with Cutter.  I'm sure it is because I don't have time to sit and wait for her to roll over or to wonder if she is meeting the specified milestones, I simply don't worry about it.  She's fine, she's happy and I know that she isn't going to go off to kindergarden NOT rolling over.  For now, I'm enjoying her just sitting there listening to her belly laugh at Cutter and smiling at Momma and Daddy. 

I love this girl more than words can say!  I can't stress enough how much Cutter loves her and she loves him.  It is a bond I will never know.  I know the love of sisters and I know the love/bond that they have for each other overwhelms me.  Cutter is very protective and doesn't let many people get close to her.  He kisses her goodnight, everynight!  He "tickles, tickles" her, he holds her, he feeds her, he tries to burps her, he covers her up, he gives her her paci, and he takes care of her.  He is her big brother and don't anyone forget that, I sure won't let him. 

Gracie is such a happy baby, I have been blessed beyond my dreams.  Most nights she sleep from 730 pm to 530 am <-----that makes me extremely happy!!  She is consistantly eating 7 oz at every feedings and has tried peas, greenbeans, sweet potatoes and carrots.  All were loved by her and Cutter!

I love her giggles, I love her smiles, I love her smells, I love her cheeks, I love her peach fuzz hair (yes, most of her hair has fallen out) and I have absolutely fallen in love with this girl! 

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