Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to work...

This is going to be a stream of consciousness type post.  I got the idea from MckMama.

I'm back at work, returned on Saturday.  I left both my babes for the first time in a long time.  I cried the whole time I was driving, hoping the tears would dry up before I got to work.  They did, but soon returned when I called Greg at 6:30 to check to see if Gracie was awake.  She wasn't, but Cutter was and he talked to me, said "Momma, home?", I told him bye and that I loved him and Greg said he kissed the phone.  I just bawled like a baby.  He is more aware now than he was when I returned to work after he was born. 

I miss them.  I miss holding them. I miss rocking them.  I miss reading C a bedtime story and his all time favorite "sing Dwinkle".  He loves when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and rub his hair.  Oh man I miss them! 

Tomorrow Gracie will go to the sitters for the first time.  We went on Friday to visit and she seemed happy to be there.  Cutter was shy for a minute, then opened up and was his usual happy self.  I'm sure he will have fun playing with the other kids and I am almost positive that he will make sure Gracie is happy.  That little boy loves his sister and he doesn't like to see or hear his sister cry.  I miss them.

I talked to Cutter 3 times today, he does good talking on the phone with me.  I can almost always tell what he is trying to tell me.  His vocabulary is growing more and more everyday, before I know it, I am going to be carrying on conversations with him. 

I just got off the phone with Greg, I asked how bed time went.  He said that Cutter kept going to our room, he wanted to sleep in our bed.  He has never gone to "bed" in our bed.  He might end up in our bed, but he never gone to "bed" in our bed.  Greg said that he kept patting the bed, asking for milk and wanted to watch Mickey.  This puzzles me.  Greg ended up rocking him to sleep.  I know he doesn't understand why I'm not there.  It makes me sad.  I want to be there...

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  1. That made ME want to cry. Hang in there. You all will adjust well and the babies will be oh so happy to see you when you land tomorrow! I love that Cutter talks to you on the phone. When I was away, Owen just handed the phone back to Gerard to watch Dora! I know he missed me; but, he didn't care much about talking to me. Let's get them together this week to play when you get home!