Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RSV and Tubes!

This has been what we have been doing every 4 hours! Needless to say we have been staying quite close to the house. On Saturday, Cutter started getting a runny nose and a slight cough. By Monday, it was a horrible cough along with the runny nose.
Monday morning we had an appointment with the ENT to discuss getting tubes in Cutter's ears. Cutter has had chronic ear infections since he was 6 months old and this qualifies him to get tubes. While at the ENT we did 3 hearing test, all came back letting us know that Cutter can't hear anything but muffled noises, due to the fluid on his ears. We scheduled the surgery for Monday, February 16th at 730 in the morning, please be praying that the surgery goes as smoothly for us as the Doctor is hoping. After the fluid is released from his ears we will do another hearing test to make sure there wasn't any other damage done to his ear drums and he should be able to hear normal. Cutter says a few words, but nothing more than "Momma", "Dadda" or "that". After the surgery his vocabulary should excel, if not we will talk about going to a speech therapist, but the ENT doc sounded confident that we are getting tubes early enough that it shouldn't be an issue. Cutter also has another ear infection brewing so we started him on antibiotics.
After the ENT appt we had an appointment with his normal pediatrician that I had scheduled way before him getting the cough and runny nose. Since the ENT had already given us a prescription, I thought about canceling it, but I am soooo glad I didn't! My mother always told me to trust my intuition, (I thought she was talking about when he was older, you know, about when you think he is getting into mischief), BOY was I wrong. My intuition told me to go ahead and take him in. We got there, the pediatrician took one listen to his lungs and knew he was getting the beginning stages of RSV!! She took his pulse ox level, normal is 100, Cutter's was 92. They immediately gave him a steroid shot to open his lungs up and we did a breathing treatment right when we got home. We will continue to do the breathing treatments til Monday, when he will get the tubes. We have a follow-up appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician, so hopefully we will get good news that the treatments ARE working. I think they are, he sounds a lot BETTER!!
Poor little guy has had a hard last few months, I feel like he is ALWAYS sick! Hopefully once he gets the tubes, everything will drain just fine and he will stop having these chronic infections. Keep us in your prayers that everything will go just fine on Monday and we will have our happy little boy back soon!


  1. awww, poor baby, he looks so pitiful! (is that how you spell that?)

  2. Good luck sweets! Love you all!!

  3. Poor Cutter. I hope all goes well on Monday for him and that he feels better real soon!!!