Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Excuses! Excuses!

I am FULL of them!!

All I can say is I've taken very few pictures, had plans to upload them (the few I had) on my overnight (my 1st in 3 weeks) and I can't find my cord!!! errrrrrr.....

I have been enjoying time off with my babes.  We recently went to Houston to help celebrate Abbey's 3rd (!) birthday and I forgot my camera so we have no pictures of us there!!  :(

Gracie and I both came down with the stomach bug and then she came down with some type of cold.  All those things combined with a few other things out of my control have led me to be off for 3 weeks!!  :)

Although, I have enjoyed my time off with them, it is time to get back to a normal routine (I hope, for Cutter's sake) and work 3 days a week!

I want to make a commitment to blogging regularly, but I just can't.....yet!!!

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