Sunday, February 28, 2010


We've been super busy!  So busy that I haven't worked much, which means no free time to blog!
On Monday, Gracie got the stomach bug.  

On Tuesday, I got the stomach bug.  We slept ALL day Tuesday!  

I didn't go to work, we just knew Cutter was next to get it.  

Wednesday came and went.  Cutter and Greg seems to have missed getting it!  Thank God for that!!

Thursday, Greg went out of town.  

On Friday, Greg and I took advantage of Parent Night Out at our sitters house and treated ourselves to a dinner and movie.  The movie?  Valentines Day!  Greg and I totally recommend it!

Saturday consisted of having a garage sale from 8-2 and then meeting up with some of our awesome Canadian family!  Aunt Bette was in town, I would like to think just to meet Gracie, but I think she had other plans too!! ;)  

Today, I took Grandma Mac to Hillsboro to meet Mom.  Here I sit at 8pm on Sunday, sitting down for the first time all weekend!  I'm exhausted, I need another weekend!!  :)

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