Sunday, April 26, 2009

FIRST Fish!!

Yesterday we were invited out to the Roberson Ranch Party in Crumby, TX. I was excited to take Cutter since he had never really seen a cow or any other farm animal. Little did I know, the cows really wouldn't interest him, but FISHING, oh yeah now your talking!!
Daddy and Cutter (Daddy not being much of a fisher himself) sat down for some much needed quiet time and much required patience. This little man must have been good luck! Daddy and Lil Fisherman only had to sit there for a few minutes before Daddy felt a tug at his line!
Cutter was patient enough as Daddy reeled in the big monster he had on the other end of the line. What had Daddy caught??
A little Brim fish! Daddy was oh so please with his "Big" catch! Cutter was as well.
He couldn't wait to touch it!!
We had a great time! After all the fishing was done, we went and ate at an "All You Can Eat" catfish place. It was awesome and Cutter loved eating the catfish as well!!

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  1. What a cutie...he will make a good sportsman one day, i just know it. GG is so proud of him.