Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st Annual Easter Egg Coloring!

This year Cutter really enjoyed coloring the Easter eggs. He wanted to do most of it by himself. I was a little weary, I didn't want him to get the egg dye on his clothes!! Since we were in Cove for the weekend, we got help from a special person - PAPA!! My Dad is home from Iraq and we spent Saturday at his house coloring eggs and then an egg hunt!! Can you say FUN!?!
We had lots of cool things for the kids to do to the eggs. We put sports wraps on Cutter's eggs.

Cutter loved writing on the eggs with a q-tip type dye.

Cutter loved watching the eggs change colors, and didn't want the eggs to stay in the dye for too long.
Emilee joined in the fun helping to dye her eggs - PINK!!
Our finished products looked to good to eat!!

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