Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laugh Out Loud!

Cutter loves to laugh. Sometimes he sits in the middle of the living room and just starts laughing. Not just any kind of laugh, but a full on belly laugh - the kind that makes you want to join him. Greg and I haven't quite figured out if he is laughing at us, our pareting skills, the dogs, or just because he wants too. It doesn't really matter, because we just turn to each other and laugh back at him! Maybe that is what he wanted - us to laugh at him! Anyway, the kid is just as cute as can be - I'll laugh with/at him any day!

Not much happening in the Nix house (besides the laughing episodes). Sorry that the post have been kind of boring lately. I figure you come here to see the pretty (I can still call him that, right?) little man anyway, so why write much when the picture pretty much explains itself! If anything new happens, I'll let you know! ~Kristie

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