Sunday, November 2, 2008

Broken :(

OK so my 50 year old dinosaur of a laptop has called it quits on me! I am crying tears of saddness.

What am I going to do? I loved that thing!

I am working on Greg's work laptop write now, but he doesn't bring it home during the week. I am going to take mine to the laptop vets tomorrow and see if it is worth saving, if not, it may not be until after Christmas when I get a new one. I know that it is nothing serious, it has to do with the power to the laptop, so hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) it won't take much to fix.

My dino has been through it all and has visited almost every airport/hotel in the United States. Computers age like dogs, every year is really 7 years, and I have had mine for almost 7 years! So that makes mine going on 49 years! YIKES, thats old for a computer. I haven't been in a complete hurry to get a new one, because truthfully, this one has done what I needed to do - get on the internet, trade trips for work and load pictures.

My point in posting that I am laptopless is that I may not get to post very often and if I do post there may not be any pictures. Tomorrow after I take the dino to laptop vets, I'll know more!

Until then I am going to go cry into my pillow!!


Oh and today was my birthday, so happy birthday to me! Today you became laptopless! :( But, I did get breakfast in bed, delivered by my lil man with the help of my big man!! :)

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  1. Happy B-day! HOpefully you got good news about the laptop. We would miss photos!!!