Monday, June 8, 2009


After many attempts to upload several photos, I gave up! I did not, however, give up on uploading this super cute photo of our little man! We have been enjoying the Spring weather and spending lots of time outside. On Sunday, Greg and Cutter worked out in the yard. I have several cute photos of Cutter helping Greg move the sprinkler and him getting wet. He even took a break and laid out in the back of the tractor, but once again I couldn't get that photo uploaded.Cutter is talking up a storm. One of his cute new things is to tell the dogs to "TOP IT" when they are barking! He knows his momma and daddy can't hardly take the barking and we have taken to telling the dogs to "stop" when they do it. Cutter has decided to pick up on this and will tell any animal that is making noise to "top it". It is sooo cute, although I might not be thinking that in a few months.

I am starting my maternity leave on June 15, and I can't wait!! I am so excited to be getting to spend this special time together with Cutter before the new baby arrives. I hope that it doesn't hurt us. We are getting to spend this time together, however Cutter is used to me being gone. Hopefully, he won't get used to this one on one time and then be super depressed when the baby comes. I do have some hope though, we have spent this past week at my sister's house helping her transition into being a family of 4 and Cutter was extremely SWEET to baby Maycee. Several times he leaned in to just check her out, take a look, make sure she was doing ok and then walked away and did his own thing. BUT, we didn't bring her home with us, so I don't know if I can really use that to judge how he is going to handle it all. I am sure he will adjust, but I am just trying to prepare myself for his rejection.

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