Monday, July 14, 2008

A new friend?


Granma and Papa Nix are downsizing and recently sold their house, so we will be going over there for the next couple of weekends - helping them go through 25 years and 4 kids worth of stuff. Saturday we tackeld the attic and we found a box full of old stuffed animals. In the box were 3 frogs, 2 green striped and one blue polka dotted. I asked Greg before he even saw what I was talking about what color frog he had and his response was green and grey striped, he was close, it is green and white striped. Made by his Great Aunt Ruby. I asked him if he had a name for his frog and he said he did, but couldn't remember, so we are working on getting him one. Any suggestions??

I brought him home gave him a good bath (twice) and much to my surprise he cleaned up pretty darn well. We introduced Cutter to the frog and Cutter has really taken a liking to him, so we will see if a new friendship is brewing.

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