Friday, April 11, 2008


These pictures are for the people that didn't believe me when I said Cutter had found his thumb. I am a little stressed about the fact that he perfers to suck his thumb vs take a pacifer. I am also at a crossroads on letting his continue sucking his thumb or forcing the pacifer on him. I'll take any advice/opinions on this subject!! ~Kristie


  1. You know ... he looks just like his Aunt Lindsey. She used to suck her thumb and would put her pointer finger over her nose just like Cutter has his.

    Aunt 'Lissa

  2. My thought is that at this age they know what they need better than we do. Our job is to figure out what they need and meet it. The tide turns when they are mobile and pushing limits ;-) He won't suck his thumb forever, but it meets his needs now. I am letting Baby O suck his thumb and just hope that he grows out of it when its approriate (at least before high school--joking). Besides, how cute is Cutter with that thumb in his mouth now?!?! Presicous--good photo opps!